Many homes across Florida now have solar systems installed on the roofs. As more people realize the benefits of solar power, the number of solar systems will only go up. If you are planning to use solar panels in a new home, you could get numerous benefits that existing homes might not enjoy. Here are some of the benefits you receive when you install solar systems in newly built homes.

You Have the Option to Pick the Right Roof

With a new home, you will have the option to have a south-facing roof. It will ensure that your solar system in Central Florida, captures the most amount of light possible. When constructing a new home, you can also avoid obstructive elements on the roof such as tall trees and tall structures such as two-story homes, which could cast shadows on the panels.

A new house will also give you the chance to pick the material for the roof. Solar panels can be installed on almost any roof type. However, some roof materials are more difficult to work with. These materials include cedar shingles and slate tiles. They usually lead to more equipment for installation, which leads to more costs. However, you can avoid all those costs by picking a material that is easy to work with.

You Can Opt For Energy Efficient Appliances

Another benefit of installing solar into a new home is that you can opt to use more energy-efficient appliances. For instance, you can opt to use an electric furnace instead of a gas furnace. While heating a home with natural gas is cheaper compared to using electricity, using an electric furnace will allow you to eliminate all your energy bills over time, using solar energy. From the start, you will be making huge savings on your home, which could help to free up more money to spend on your family.

Favorable Warranty Terms

Most solar system installations come with good warranty terms. At Allstar Solar Partners, we offer our clients a 25-year warranty for components. Additionally, we offer a 10-year warranty for the installation. The solar equipment we install has a life expectancy of 50 years. However, most solar systems will last even longer when installed by a professional crew and with some minimal maintenance.

The warranty terms ensure that if anything ever happens, you will only incur a small cost to have the system restored to its original performance. The brands we work with are quite hardy and they have a 50-year working life at a minimum. In essence, the solar system will serve you for the rest of your life, with minimal maintenance costs.


With all the benefits mentioned above, you should consider installing a solar system in your Florida home. Due to various government incentives and energy savings, a solar system will drive up the value of your new home. If you ever have a desire to sell the home, it will be much easier to find a buyer for the home compared to an exact home in the same neighborhood.

Eric Maina / May 2019

Content Writer / Allstar Solar Partners

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