Like all other businesses in Central Florida, the COVID19 outbreak has had an impact on the solar energy industry. However, not all is bad during this outbreak. Here are some of the ways the outbreak has changed business for us:

Delays in New Installation

Since the COVID19 outbreak, there have been some delays. These are mainly delays due to some slowdown in the issuance of construction permits by the city. As a result, some companies in the solar installation business have had to delay the installation of new systems by a few weeks. However, we have seen an increase in the number of people who want more information about a residential solar system.

The reason for this is that some households have seen their incomes reduce. Consequently, people who wish to save on their energy bills have turned to solar. The option to install solar systems without any upfront costs has proven quite attractive. Once the lockdown measures are lifted, we think we will immediately see an increase in the volume of installations of home solar systems our customers have requested information on

Great Time to Increase Global Awareness of Environment Pollution

As the sky has become clearer, some places around the world have reported that mountain ranges, which were impossible to be seen before can now be seen. Various images have emerged online with before and after comparisons. The images have had a huge impact on people and they have begun to realize just how much of a negative impact human activities such as cars and factories have on the earth.

We believe that after the lockdown, more people will be willing to spread the solar message and take actions that are good for the environment. Many people around the world have been born in cities where they have not had a chance to see and experience clean, fresh air, and clear skies. Once the outbreak is under control, it is unlikely they will be willing to go back to the way life was in regards to using dirty fossil fuels. Knowing there are better, cleaner alternatives for the world energy needs.

Reduced Sales Pressure

Part of the changes we have had to make in doing presentations online via video has led to reduced sales pressure on the customer’s side. Our representatives work from home and communicate with our clients from a relaxed home setting. Our clients are also in a relax setting in their homes or office, which makes our communications with them more relaxed. Besides that, knowing that we are not endangering anyone’s life by communicating via the internet has been quite a good feeling while at the same time rewarding for both clients and solar companies .

We are doing everything we can to keep our customers in Florida safe. Our team adheres to all federal guidelines to ensure that we are not contributing to the spread of the virus. We, like everyone else, understand that following federal guidelines is the only way life will get back to normal soon.

Eric Maina / April 2019

Content Writer / Allstar Solar Partners

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